Joining Us

Joining us is an experience no one will ever forget. Being part of a wide community of talent, knowledge and expertise is a great resource for any young aspiring actor, and also for the veteran of the theatre. Better than that, if you are a complete amateur and want the experience of an audience applauding your hard work then IODS is the place to be.

With a brilliant resident Musical Director, an enthusiastic committee, and great songs and dialogue, you will not be missing out on any of the fun. We welcome anyone from any background, knowledge and skill to come join our group and we want to encourage you to take a journey with us through some laughs, song and dance, emotional high and lows as we experience theatre together.

If you wish to come a long to a rehearsal and see what it is all about, then please fill in the form on our contact us page and our Membership Secretary will be in contact with you soon.

We rehearse at the Ipswich Labour Club on Silent Street which has fantastic facilities and a large rehearsal space.

We also have a Youth Group called First Stage for younger members.